Working together to bring Atlantic Canadians the world


Who We Are

The Atlantic Canada Airports Association is a non-profit industry association representing all airports in the region that have been transferred to local control from the federal government. Together our 14 airports handle 99 % of passenger traffic, including all international and transborder passengers, and all cargo traffic into and out of the region.

The ACAA represents airports in each of the four Atlantic Provinces. The airports are represented in the Association by their Chief Executive Officers. Transport Canada and the four provinces are associate members of the Association.


What We Do

The ACAA is the voice of Atlantic Canada’s airports, providing a vehicle through which the Atlantic Canada airport industry can speak to the federal government on policy and regulatory issues that affect the viability of the airports in our region. In addition to its advocacy role, the Association provides a forum for its members to undertake collaborative action on services of mutual interest.

ACAA’s mission is to ensure Atlantic Canada’s airports are operating within a policy framework that fosters their sustained growth so as to meet the growing demand for air travel in the region.

Working together we promote our airports to grow air service and in turn grow our communities. For three years Atlantic Canada’s Airports have marketed the region to air carriers in an effort to grow passenger and cargo service to the region.

Air service growth is critical to the success of the Atlantic Canadian economy and we will continue to work together to enhance the economic agenda of our region.